Consular Services

Vietnam VISA Instructions

General procedures

  • All travellers holding ordinary passports and applying to Vietnam for tourism, business, study, visiting relatives, volunteering or for any reason… need to obtain a valid visa issued by the Embassy of Vietnam in South Africa before their travel to Vietnam. However, there will be no visa requirement for transit at the airport.
  • All kinds of visa requests must be done through the Embassy of Vietnam. Vietnamese VISA can be applied for in person or through an authorized representative (such as a courier with a letter of authorization, we do not accept the documents which submitted through post office) at the Embassy of Vietnam in South Africa (87 Brooks street, Brooklyn, Pretoria 0181) up to 1 year prior to the date of entry into Vietnam.
  • The processing time is five (05) working days since the Embassy receives the complete application documents. However, RUSH service can be requested for 02 working days or less (please contact the Embassy for a quotation).

How to apply for a VISA

Required documentation for Visa application:

  • Completed visa application form (found at this download link)
  • Original passport (with 6 months validity from date of return)
  • 01 (one) ID photo (colour)
  • flight booking and
  • Proof of payment for visa fee (visa fee will not be refunded)

How to pay for a VISA

Visa fees are determinant on the duration and type of Visa, as well as normal processing time or RUSH service required. Please contact the Embassy for a quotation. Payment for a Vietnamese Visa can be made through EFT, Direct Deposit (cash paid into the Embassy bank account at a bank), or through the use of card facilities (speed-point) at the Embassy.

Bank Account:

Account name: Embassy of Vietnam
Account number: 62243859909
Bank: FNB
Branch name: Brooklyn
Branch code: 251345
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
Reference Your Name or Group


All documents need to be properly authenticated by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa. Only then will the documents be legalized in turn by the Embassy of Viet Nam in South Africa.

You need to submit:

  • Original documents
  • Photocopies of the above documents to be retained by the Embassy

It takes 05 working days to process your application, excluding posting time. However, RUSH service can be requested  for 02 working days or less (please contact the Embassy for a quotation).

Birth Certificate 

A Vietnamese Birth Certificate is granted to a child:

  • born of two married Vietnamese citizens
  • One of the parents is a Vietnamese citizen and the other is a stateless person
  • Mother is a Vietnamese citizen and father is unknown

Required documents: 

  • Application Form for Birth Certificate. For late applications, please download form
  • Photocopies of the parents’ passports
  • Photocopy of marriage certificate
  • Photocopy of birth record by the hospital
  • For a child born of a Vietnamese citizen and a foreign citizen, the foreign parent needs to submit a declaration stating his/her acceptance that the child may carry Vietnamese citizenship

Processing Time:

5 working days, excluding the posting time. However, RUSH service can be requested  for 02 working days or less (please contact the Embassy for a quotation).

Criminal Check (Police Certificate)

Criminal Record is a Certificate issued by the Provincial Justice Department to individuals that may be hold information about you in relation to criminal convictions while residing in Vietnam.

According to the Circular No.07/TTLT-BTP-BCA of Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Public Security dated 08/02/1999, foreigners are entitled to obtain information about themselves while residing in Vietnam.

How to Apply for a Criminal Record Certificate

Criminal Record must be applied for in Vietnam.

You must apply in writing on the correct form and the form should be submitted with a copy of your passport as well as a copy of your residential certificate in Vietnam. Profile required to be made of 2 copies.

As normal practice, Criminal Record must be applied for at the relevant Provincial Justice Department of Vietnam while you are residing in Vietnam. In the case that you have left Vietnam, you may mail your application to Vietnam or authorize the release of your records to another person (only applicable for the form number 1). In this case, the proxy (third party) application must be submitted to, and be certified by, the Embassy of Vietnam in the country where you are residing.

You can NOT apply for information about another person without their written permission.

Duration for issuing Criminal Record Certificate

The time frame for processing requests is 16 working days in normal case and is 33 working days in complex case, from receipt of the correctly completed application.